Bluey's Big Adventure
Ruhi, Age 7, Plymouth, MN

There once was a little balloon called Bluey. She loved the summer because her birthday was in the summer. Her party was coming up and it was going to be at Puff Universe. Puff Universe is a place where balloons get to jump on bouncy ballines (trampolines). They get to go down bides (slides) and ride on bwings and blings. Bwings are wings that take the balloons flying around the room. All they have to do is get into them and jump. Blings are swings that they jump out of and land on a balline which bounces them on a bide that is so slippery that they just slide off it and land on a comfy cushion. All the little balloons love it.

Bluey the balloon was sitting on the porch, watching the sunset and thinking about the fun she would have when her mom whose name was Puff, called “Time for dinner, Bluey”.  “Dinner,” said Bluey. Dinner was her favorite time of the day. Today’s dinner was her favorite mac`n’cheese with balloon balls on top.  Balloon balls are popped pillow fuzz – yummy stuff for balloons! After dinner, Bluey and her little brother Redpop read books until bedtime. Well it so happened that Bluey was reading her favorite story “Cotton Ball” and she read a word wrong. Then the book started reading for her! She looked behind her to see if her brother was reading for her, but that was not the case.

In fact, when she looked back, she was in a different world! Bluey was in Shape World. Now, Bluey didn’t know that some shapes live so she was quite surprised. She asked a passerby circle “What is the way out of here?”

The circle said, “Who wants to go out of Shape world? Besides, I don’t know any way out."

Bluey thought to her self “Oh dear, what if there isn’t any way out of this Shape world? I need to try wishing. Let me try dreaming first.” So she dreamed, but that didn’t help.  Then she tried the shape town wishing well where it was three wishes per decagon coin, but that didn’t help either. Finally, she went to the clerk at the Registry to become a shape. The clerk told Bluey that the only way to leave shape world was to become a shape for the night, remember where she came from in the morning and jump exactly three times making sure her head touched the ceiling  on each jump. On the third jump she would be back at her own house instantly.

Bluey did what the clerk told her and found herself back at home in her bunk bed. She went downstairs and told her parents everything. They said she was smart to follow instructions. You should have seen the smile on her face!  Bluey was proud of herself too! The next day her birthday party was wonderful and Bluey had a great time. She didn’t tell anyone at the party about her adventure the previous night, but do you know what her cake looked like? It was just like Shape world! From then on, Bluey was as adventurous as anything and whenever an adventure or mystery came along, she was the one to solve it and had lots of fun.

Bluey wants to grow up and be a detective to solve bigger mysteries. Whenever she solves a mystery she says “lots of clues have helped” and that is the end of the story.

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