Kristy, Age 15, Penticton, BC

Counting down the days until I leave
Don't know whether to let give in to excitement
Or to break down and weep
In half emotions are bend
Will miss all that is to be left behind
Although am looking forward to the wonders of the new
Positions different in various angles of mind
Exploding without not knowing their cue
What will become of the past
What will unfold in the future
What will happen for the present
All these questions only time has the answer to
Altering the path with everything to be said or to do
One decision could turn into another direction,
Much to displeasure, or fantasy
Ways may become an infection
Leading to never ending controlling sleep
The only way to unleash yourself is to change
As change is the handle to fate of destiny
Scary being able with one move
to take over life and rearrange
Molding to ability with limited amount to see
Hoping it will come out to taste
And not turn sour
Luck will put around the edges lace
Will last for more than an hour
Although luck shall not reach every soul
Much to every disappointment
Only the ones to strive and not the ones to loll
Will reach the unreachable and soar beyond us all.

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