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Shane Peacock. Death in the Air
Tundra $21.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-851-4  254 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 13

Sherlock Holmes was doing something he shouldn't have been.  The police had asked spectators to stand back from the action in the amphitheater, but the boy couldn't resist getting a better view.  Devilment had been in him since the day he was born.  He sneaked out from the tightly packed crowd, slipping past the Bobbies, treading quietly on the planked floor.  Everyone was looking up.  He moved into the open space, his eyes riveted on the human beings in flight.

Sherlock Holmes, an outcast in the east side of London, is determined to prove himself.  While gazing up at the humans in flight, the bar of the acrobat breaks in midair and the aerialist tumbling lands at the feet of Sherlock.

Shane Peacock's second book on the boyhood of Sherlock Holmes drew me right into the story.  Peacock brings Victorian London to life with his dramatic tale of mystery and murder.  While reading this novel, you'll discover the dark secrets of Londonís crooked alleys, meet characters of the underworld and bring justice to dangerous criminals.  This is definitely a writer to keep in mind.  I would suggest 12 and up for this book; adults who enjoyed The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes would be interested in this series as well.

I give Death in the Air four stars. Donít forget to check out Eye of the Crow, the 1st Case in the Boy Sherlock Holmes series.


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