The Deathmaster
Alana, Age 12, Sherwood Park, AB

July 12, 2000

“Oh no, not another one,” groaned a disgruntled Detective Harry Brown as he surveyed yet another roller coaster catastrophe surrounded by lifeless misshaped forms. It was suspected that the untraceable serial killer nicknamed “Deathmaster” was behind the incidents in Calgary's, Medicine Hat's and now the one in Edmonton's amusement parks. All of which caused mass death. He left behind no evidence, he was untraceable and purposely creating roller coaster accidents was his speciality.

“How could someone be so heartless?” a young police lieutenant wondered out loud.

“Serial killers are heartless, that's how they kill.” Harry mumbled sadly.

“Roller coasters used to be so fun,” the rookie lieutenant remarked to no one in particular.

Once again Detective Brown answered. “That's life, get used to it, it sucks pal.”

The bald man sat in front of his computer, smirking as he watched the police scramble to find the killer, him. Killing was like alcohol to his sick, sick mind. It eased away any sad, angry feelings he had, but if he killed too often he would loose his sanity. Also like alcohol he was addicted to killing.

July 15, 2000

Detective Brown walked into the autopsy room and asked the coroner “Any report yet?”

She replied “No, most of these bodies are too smashed up to autopsy, but there are some that survived the impact. Here’s the reports for those.” He thanked her and walked out to examine them. All had normal injuries consistent with being in a roller coaster crash. This guy was good, real good.

He sat at his computer, hacking into the Space Twisters computer, setting it up for malfunction. This time it was set for the next day.

In the police tips hotline call centre, Amanda sat in her cubicle, waiting for someone to call in a tip on the Deathmaster case. Then the phone rang.

Using a voice changer, he called the police tip line to offer them a tidbit, his phone line was untraceable. The tip came to the call centre to cubicle #12, Amanda’s cubicle.

“Hello, can I help you?” she answered. Listening to complicated instructions being given while trying to write them down isn't as easy as it seems.

When the police arrived at the location described  by the caller, they immediately started the search. One lieutenant caught a small flash out of his right eye. He looked up just in time to see something disappear into the woods. They followed him and managed to corner the bald man. The members arrested the man.

July 16,2000

The next day Brown got a call. “We have a roller coaster accident at the Vegreville Fair,” the chief of police solemnly announced; “looks like the Deathmaster's work.”

“Who's the bald man in captivity then?” Harry Brown retorted. His fuse was extra short these days because of this case.

The chief calmly replied “I don't know but he's not the death master.” Brown called the jail and told them to release temporary prisoner 51673.

Meanwhile the bald man was telling his inmates that he would be released from the jail in a matter of minutes. Sure enough 5 minutes later the guards unlocked his cell uncuffed his hands and explained that the criminal they thought he was had committed  another crime and must still be on the loose. They then let him go.

The bald man went back to the scene where he was arrested found his laptop and hacked into the programming of the Klondike days roller coaster made some minor adjustments set to change the next day at 11:00 a.m. 
11:00 a.m., July 17, 2010

Detective Harry Brown walked up onto the stage at Edfest and received a medal of appreciation. The lead singer of Hedley spoke into the mic “Today is the ten year anniversary of when Detective Brown arrested the bald Deathmaster and also the anniversary of my brother's death along with many others. But we are not here to mourn, we are here to thank Brown and all those who helped arrest the Deathmaster so we would like to dedicate this song to Detective Harry Brown and all the hard work he did” The  detective walked off the stage to the sound of a couple hundred people cheering, not for Hedley but for him.

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