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Parker Jacobs. Only in Dreams
Chronicle Books  $14.95  ISBN 978-0-8118-6024-6  32 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 14

Hi, I'm Julius, and it's bedtime for me! I love bedtime because when I sleep, I dream. And when I dream, I can do anything I can imagine.

An eye=catching bedtime story for young readers centers around Paul Frank's cutest character, Julius the monkey. When Julius goes to bed he loves to have all sorts of dreams that take him far away from his ordinary life. He can have cool dreams like ones where he gets to have a rock concert on the moon or have the ability to fly. He can have strange dreams of having extra heads or a body shaped like a potato. He can have exciting dreams about exploring underground or being a pirate. And he can also have deliciously cute dreams about castles in the clouds surrounded by adorable magical creatures and whole towns made out of cupcakes. Whatever dream Julius has, one thing the reader can be certain of is that it will be interesting, colourful and very, very cute.

I think bedtime story is the wrong way to describe this book. Although there are words, they are pushed aside for the real part of the book, the pictures. In this case that's perfectly all right though. Each page is enjoyable and full of zany cartoons and colours. As well, most scenes have many tiny details that are fun to spot, not because they contribute to the story but because they are just so darn nice to look at! A city running amok with strange citizens, a town of cupcakes (each one individually decorated) or an underground tunnel with an ant playing videogames are all a few of the many characters that lie within the pages of the book. A delight to read and look at, Only in Dreams will certainly keep young readers (and their eyes) happy, especially right before they drift off to sleep to have dreams of their own.

I give Parker Jacobs and Paul Frank's Only in Dreams four stars.


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