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Kate Forsyth. The Gypsy Crown
Scholastic $12.99 ISBN 978-1-407102-39-9 426 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 14

Emilia stepped out of the smoke. She was dressed in her vivid gypsy skirt, with a gaudy scarf tied over her head and big golden hoops in her ears. Her black curls hung down her back. She held her grandmother’s crystal ball in one hand. With the other she pointed three fingers at the startled crowd.

“Curse the voices that cry for blood!” Emilia called. “Curse this town, which lives by fire and iron and death. May your foundry crumble to dust and ashes.”

The crowd stood still, shocked and afraid.

In the midst of the trouble caused by the rule of Cromwell in England, Emilia and her cousin Luka are sent to find five ancient charms. But the gypsies across the country are in trouble, being hunted and killed. After Emilia and Luka escape the jail, their grandmother gives Emilia an ancient magical charm of the gypsies and some instruction on how to find the other charms. Emilia, with Luka, will cross the country looking for these charms; make enemies who wish to kill her and find friends in the most unlikely places.

Kate Forsyth is an Australian author of several fantasy novels. The Gypsy Crown, which was originally a six part short novel series, called the Chain of Charms, has now been published into a single edition. This adventure tale is truly captivating and magical. I really enjoyed this story because it was hard to put down! Very well written!!

I would suggest The Gypsy Crown for ten and up. A four star read.


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