Kristy, Age 15, Penticton, BC

I'm lost, not near the end
Forgot my hope behind the bend
Nothing in existence going my way
It doesn't matter what I have to say
Sanity ways coming to a stop
I'm on the bottom, life's on the top
Nothing made sense, until I met you
Ways you described it, made it all new
Bringing change into my simple life
Making everything, everyday, so right

So I thank you, for coming into my life
And I thank you, for showing me what's right
I could never make it on my own
You are wiser than anyone I've known
Stay with me forever, never leave me
Because for life you have the key.

I never knew this much love could be reached
But you show me wrong when you leave
Through the twists and turns of my journey
Before my life was full of shadows and murky
You made it clear and brighter than ever
Being away from you will be never
I know my path will still have difficult parts
But you will help me, never leaving me in the dark.

So please don't leave me
And I'll never leave you.

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