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Beverley Boissery. Sophie’s Exile
Dundurn $12.99 ISBN 978-1-55002-812-2 279 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 14

Beverly Boissery has given a glimpse into the Canadian past with her story of the 1838 Canadian rebellion. The 1838 rebellion resulted in fifty-eight men being sent to Australia (then a British colony) to prison, some sent to jail in Canada and a few were hung. After the rebellion between Upper and Lower Canada, the British forced the two “Canadas” together. Against this backdrop, Boissery has set her third novel in the Sophie series, Sophie’s Rebellion.

Sophie Mallory, having set sail with her guardian, Lady Theo and her friend Luc Moriset, has reached Australia to be with her father, who was wrongly convicted of treason in the rebellion. Sophie will face unforeseen challenges in the strange new land.

I enjoyed this book especially because it made me want to find out more about this part of history. I would suggest this story for nine and up. Sophie’s Exile gets a four-star rating.  


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