Learning the Strings
Sofia, Age 12, Basque Country, Spain

I am listening to Blink 182. I love them! The band split up about three years ago, and it was formed by Tom, Mark and Travis. But now Tom is in Angels & Airwaves, and Travis and Mark in +44.

I don't know a lot about the guys, but their music rocks. Now I am listening to "Always".

Today I bought my new guitar.

Today I broke a string of my new guitar.


It's a GORGEOUS guitar, black, electro-acoustic, beautiful, with a small body, similar to a Gibson or Les Paul (It reminds me of Pansy, Frank Iero's guitar). It's got a tuner and you can plug it into an amp.

The tuner is the culprit.

I was tuning the guitar (I have no idea on how to tune it) and I was tightening the G string and... well. I tightened it a bit too much. And the guitar still has a horrible out-of-tune sound.

Suddenly the string snapped, and I yelled a real four-letter word all over the house.

My mum thought I'd fallen down the stairs and broken my back or something.

She ran into my room, and I was sitting on the floor, the guitar on my lap, the plectrum at my left. I was leaning over the instrument, my blond hair falling over the strings.

"What's wrong?" my mother asked, mop in one hand, washing liquid in the other.

I giggled weakly, my eyes wet.

"My guitar... I just broke a string".

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