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Chris Humphreys. Vendetta
Knopf  $10.99  ISBN 978-0-375-84424-9  338 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 14

Speed reversed. All that had been slow became fast. He moved, but not as quickly as she did. She laid a knife on the front windowsill, its cutting edge toward the glass, and a second at the back window the same way. Sky placed the carving knife, blade out to face the door, then turned to watch her rake the embers of the fire into a flat surface before she lay the scissors, its arms spread wide, atop the ashes.

"Why?" he said, or thought he did.

"So the Dead will not disturb us," she said, "for they will not cross an open blade. They fear it."

His mind flashed onto the night before. The Squadra had left him alone only when he had a knife in his mouth.

She beckoned him back to the table and he went to it. "Sit Sky," she said. "And sleep."

"And then...," he whispered.

"Then," she said, "we hunt."

After the exciting conclusion to The Fetch I was eager to get to the next book in the planned trilogy. The story opens up with our main protagonist, Sky, descending from a bus into a tiny Corsican village in search of some answers. After his grandfather Sigurd possessed his cousin's body, Sky is desperate for a guiding light and a way out of his predicament. An ancient family feud, a completely new side of his family and the ever present mystery of the Runestones keeps Sky on his toes as he tries to figure out even more secrets and a way to free his cousin from the ghost inside of her. A confusing detour back a few hundred years will result in the newfound knowledge of Sky's ancestors: murderers, healers and ...werewolves?

Although I think the first book was better, for diehard fans of the trilogy, Vendetta will not disappoint. Some parts were a little confusing for me and I didn't take too kindly to the introduction of so many new characters but the adventures that take place in the past and present were fast-paced and interesting. The books are hard to place into one specific category. Generally they are fantasy adventures, but there are also dramatic, historic and paranormal aspects to the stories as well. But I'll admit, the ending was a flop. The story skips forward a year, leaving me a bit lost, and then we go see Kristen at college, acting totally different from the previous book. The problem presented at the finish will be just enough to keep me looking for the next book on shelves when it comes out but I certainly hope it will be a step-up from this sequel to The Fetch.

I give Vendetta three stars.


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