Jessa, Age 14, Philippines

There once was a lonely man who didn’t have any friends at all. He had a cold heart that didn’t have trust in anybody. It was very hard for him to be nice to people. All these are only thoughts of people around him. They did not know him, for he was always in his home. The people make rumors and bad stuff against him. His name was Cindar. Ever since he was a kid, he did not have real friends. They would mock him and when he came home he had tears rolling down his face. He lived with people that only cared about themselves.

One day he was out in the forest spending time with the animals that live there. The animals loved Cindar so much. He takes care of them. Suddenly when he was playing with the deer a fairy came up and scared Cindar. But the fairy said not to be afraid because she knows that he has a very loving and caring heart.

“Your continuous kindness and caring brought you a reward. You are to choose if you would take this privilege or have more friends, and a city that is joyful and friendly. The reward is that I would grant you three wishes.”, the fairy said. Cindar thought about this very hard and chose to have three wishes.

When the fairy was gone, Cindar began to regret what he had just agreed to. He thought that it would have been better if he did not accept the privilege. But he already said yes and there was no turning back.

The next morning the fairy showed herself again to Cindar. Cindar forgot that he had three wishes. While he was in his house cooking breakfast he wished for a perfect family. This was because his parents died in the civil war in their country, when he was three. Cindar felt the loneliness while he was cooking since it was so quiet. So the fairy granted his wish and so Cindar had a family that loved him and cared for him.

The people in his village began to wonder what Cindar had been up to because he has been going out of the house most of the time and also going to town. Little did they know he already had a family. He had a wife that was very pretty. A son who helped him and who was like his best friend as well. Cinder’s family was very close.
Five years later

Everything went well for the past five years. But one day something happened that messed things up. Cindar was fed up with his perfect family. He didn’t have any problems and his family was perfect they did not make any mistakes at all. Cindar remembered what he had wished for five years ago: he had asked for a perfect family. Now he still had two wishes left but he didn’t want to waste them by wishing for his family to be gone. So what he did was that he let his wife eat poisonous food that he had made out of poisonous flowers and leaves. He did this with all his bravery to murder his one and only wife. He not only killed the wife but also lied to his son that a venomous snake bit his mother. Cindar had been making things worse.

A month ago, Cindar and his son were in the forest and were cutting down trees. The animals that used to love him were confused. They did not know what to believe. The old Cindar was gone and a new, malicious one came. All the animals were very sad of what Cindar has done. The people in the village became more friendly and helpful. Cindar asked himself why is it that everything that surrounds him is getting better but he destroys them and damages his relationship with the villagers again. Just like five years ago when not one even bothered and dared to talk to him.

The next day, the fairy came back and asked Cindar what he has done to his life. It has been destroyed. Cindar remembered that he still had two more wishes left. So he used one of them and wished that he would have lots and lots of money and become rich. Then his son told his father “Why do you wish for money, it wouldn’t even make you happy.” The father replied in a very presumptuous way “You see son, money is everything. It would provide anything for us, and lastly it would make us happy.” His son was sad and disappointed of what his father has said to him, because he didn’t agree with his father for the very first time. So the fairy granted Cindar’s wish of having lots of money and become rich.

Villagers from Cindar’s village were asking for money from him but Cindar refused and was very selfish. Then one day his son was in his room playing with the toys that his father had given him. Cindar’s son was playing but was not happy at all. When Cindar saw this he was very proud that he just thought more about making more and more money. He didn’t have anymore time with his son. All he cared was himself.

One night, Cindar’s son went to his room and asked ”Daddy, why don’t you have time for me anymore?” Cindar said “Can’t you see, son, that I’m happy? So that means you should also be happy. Right?” Cindar’s son was quiet.
Seven years later

Cindar was getting a little old now, and his son was growing into a mature man. His son was now the manager of his father’s riches. But still he was not happy. Cindar was now eighty-eight years old and didn’t have his last wish yet. One afternoon the fairy went back and visited Cindar. She asked Cindar if he would still make his last wish. So Cindar wished to stay longer on earth and that he would be taken when he has finished his mission for something. The fairy granted his wish.

When Cindar was talking about his mission he wanted to fix everything between him and his son. He said sorry and apologized to his son. He told his son “Son, you were right. Money doesn’t make anybody happy and I know now that you have always wanted for me to understand but it was very hard to let go. Now I realize you are really the one who I wished for…” he stopped “I have a confession to make to you son…” he added “ I’ve been lying to you about your mother, she wasn’t bitten by a snake, someone murdered her… me!” he said softly.

When his son knew this he was very sad and was crying but he understood his dad and forgave him. Cindar was lying in his bed sick and was full of lies. But he confessed it and was sorry for what he has done. His mission was now done so he was taken by the fairy and left a message to Cindar’s son.” Your father will be watching you from above.

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