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Norah McClintock. Dead Silence
Scholastic  $7.99  ISBN 978-0-545-99411-8  234 pg.
Reviewed by Joe, Age 13

Everything would be different. Sal would still be alive.

Mike’s best friend has just been found; murdered in an alley.  Mike doesn’t understand.  Why would somebody do this?  Everybody that knew Sal liked him.  He got along with nearly everybody and almost never got in a fight.  Mike wants to get to the bottom of this mystery, but the police are releasing very few details and Mike’s uncle is little help.  Mike must work hard to figure out who did this evil crime.

It did not take long for me to get into Dead Silence as the first chapter or two caught my attention very well.  It was easy to read, hard to put down.  The characters were unique, interesting and believable. I could see the story in my mind; the pictures were vivid and filled with detail. The ending surprised me, but it was satisfying.

Norah McClintock has written several books and has won the Arthur Ellis Award for Crime Fiction five times.  I recommend this book for ages 11 and up.  If you enjoyed other books from the Mike and Riel Mystery series you will like Dead Silence.  Although a murder mystery, it shouldn’t frighten younger readers.

I give Dead Silence 4 whodunit stars.


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