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Catherine Banner. The Eyes of a King
Doubleday $19.95  ISBN 978-0-385-66232-1  636 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 14

I bent closer.  And I saw that it was not an animal at all but a book.  Just a book.  I reached out towards it cautiously.  I could still feel a strange presence – someone else’s thoughts like a vapour in the air.

Five years ago, Leo North picked up what appeared to be a blank book. But, as the days pass, writing showed up in the book, telling the history of his family and country, Malonia, and a parallel country called England. As Leo reads through this book, he sees the potential for a new start for his war-torn country. Struggling to deal with his own life, Leo is also caught in the story, the story of a king exiled to England. A prophecy said the king would have the choice between returning to rule; and choosing his love. But will the King choose to return?

Catherine Banner started writing her book The Eyes of A King at age fourteen. She is currently working on the two sequels to the book. I much enjoyed reading this captivating novel and look forward to reading those to come. I was impressed with how I was drawn into this story. Watch out for more from this author.

I would suggest twelve and up for The Eyes of a King, a four-star read.


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