Prarthana, Age 8, Cary, NC

Fluttering wings,
rushing not to be noticed,
sea blue eyes,
with the essence of ginger

Her wings shimmering, floating
beneath her frantic face
She glides over to a cave
in which she thinks a safe place.

She floats silently in the cave
her wings glowing brilliantly
She gasps a cry of astonishment
as she finds what destiny has brought her to.

Her expression of shock,
turns to one giddy with delight
She cries out in joy,
as she and her fairy friends finally unite.

As her long brown hair
wavers beneath her back
Yet one other fairy comes,
calling from behind "Rose Bud!"

So, as the two fairies come together,
there is a great surge of cheer,
As Rose Bud and her friend,
their eyes sparkling bright
come together to be one in unison again.

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