John, Age 12, Easton, CT

“Ugh” I moaned as I asked my dad for the time.

“7:30 AM” he said annoyed.

“The train to Boston will be another 30 minutes, thank you.”

“WHY!” I screamed in frustration waking up my sister that was taking a nap on the concrete pillar, since I was six I was impatient.

“Do you want to take a train that’ll be here sooner?” my dad asked.

“NO!” my sister and I yelled. Another thirty minutes went by with us hoping the train will be here.

Finally the train was here. We all jumped in excitement and jumped on board. The train was beautiful with its silver gleaming steel all around. The inside was amazing: leather seats, a kitchen to get lunch, a bar for drinks, and a quiet car as usual. It was worth the hour and a half wait, because now we were sitting in the lap of luxury. The train roaring down the track on the outside when there was not a sound on the inside. I sat in the middle with my sister napping on the row next to my dad and me. I just sat quietly looking out the window while drinking my chocolate milk my dad read his book. I was surprised that the train was late by the speed it was going. We passed streets, plains, cities, and factories, and then we arrived. The train screeeeeched! To a halt and applied its brakes. Ppssssstt! the brakes hissed as I stumbled off the train. After being an hour and a half late, we were in Boston.

The first stop was the amphibious vehicle, a bus that goes on land and water. We hopped on and drove into the water.  We rode it to the museum on the other side of the lake. The bus splashed, as it fell into the lake. But it floated just like a duck swimming through a pond. As we floated along, the driver gave us a small tour of the town.  All of us went under a bridge and then I got to drive for a short time.

“Yes!” I yelled in excitement feeling confident even though I was only six. I held on tight and turned the wheel gently as the driver directed me were to drive.

“Turn the wheel left,” the captain said as he directed me. I got a cool pin that had a picture of a sail boat steering wheel. As we drove back onto the dirt road and on to the pavement, the bus stopped at the big museum of natural history.

“Wow” I said astonished by its size. My dad, sister, and I walked into the big glass building and saw planes and boats hanging from the ceiling. All of our tickets were there reserved and waiting. We saw dinosaur bones, old boats used by famous explorers. Then we saw all types of fish. We saw Clown fish, jelly fish, sharks, dolphins, and big catfish. We also saw animals like parrots, owls, tree frogs, seals, eagle, and a monkey that the tour guide carried around. His name was Bo Bo. “What’s that dad?” I asked in my little six year old voice about eight times. I laughed and smiled the whole visit. After the museum visit we went to the train station, this time it wasn’t late.

As I sighed and rode that train home, I learned that day that patience comes with reward, and I got rewarded with a great day to Boston. I’ll never forget that day I went to Boston.

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