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Patricia Bow. The Ruby Kingdom
Dundurn  $12.99  ISBN 978-1-55002-667-2  256 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 14

Amelia Hammer’s parents have decided that “for her safety“, she will live at her grandmother’s house in Dunstone, Ontario, while her parents travel. Amelia is horrified! However, as she and her cousin Simon explore the town, strange events begin to take place. After she finds a stranger on the rooftop of her grandmother’s house, Amelia and Simon are pulled into a battle involving other worlds and strange mythical creatures. Open the gate to a new world!

I liked the action and sense of adventure that Patricia Bow has created in her characters. You can see Amelia’s point of view, even if you don’t always agree. I thought that The Ruby Kingdom had a strong opening, adding that bit of mystery. I also enjoyed the twists to the plot and the ending was well set up for the next book. For all of you who enjoy The Ruby Kingdom, the second one, The Prism Blade is even better!

The Ruby Kingdom deserves 4 stars. Perfect for middle school readers.


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