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Robert Sutherland. The Schooner’s Revenge
Harper Trophy  $14.99  ISBN 978-0-00-200853-2  170 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 14

Ben shouted a warning, levelled his pistol, and pulled the trigger. Nothing! It had been fired and never reloaded. In desperation he flung the gun at the enemy. The sailor saw it coming and ducked just as he fired. His shot went wild.

The Schooner’s Revenge is the riveting tale of the war of 1812, or the War of Independence. But, unlike most stories on this war, it isn’t written from the American point of view, depicting instead the British victories. Although many of the events in this book are actually historical, most of the characters are fictional.

Ben Random, the story’s main character, is the son of British navy captain. Ben becomes part of a supply “train” going to the British Fort Mackinac, a fort placed on an island. But the supply train must get to the fort before the ice breaks up with the coming spring, because then the fort will starve and be forced to surrender to the American ships. Ben, while being brought home by ship, meets the captain of the Nancy, the last of the HMS to the ‘west of the falls’. He is invited to become the cabin boy, to which he accepts. In this position of cabin boy, Ben takes part in many close calls and narrow escapes aboard the Nancy.

The author of this book, Robert Sutherland, who has written ten other novels, brings life to this adventure book. I greatly enjoyed reading this book because of the suspenseful drama.

Four stars for The Schooner’s Revenge.


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