The Unappreciated Sun
Zoya, Age 12, Irvine, CA

As I look into the morning sky the sun looks down with a sigh
For I am the only one who looks, the rest of the world is too busy.
The day goes on and so do the people
Afternoon comes and once again, the sun looks down, with a sigh
And speaks to the world through rays of light, but again no one listens

The day goes on and so do the people
The weary traveler is in the midst of his trip
The student looks down upon his work
The worker is working, fulfilling his duty,
but even when everyone’s had their share
No one looks up into the sky, although the sun, now hopeful

fills the clouds with color and light
Just, again, to be forgotten
And so the sun, in its sorrow, sinks behind the moon
Just to wake again tomorrow
And bring life to earth, though with its people it will never commune.

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