Sarah's Stars

Rae Bridgman. Amber Ambrosia
Great Plains $14.95  ISBN 978-1-894283-73-1  171 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 14

The man pulled a star-shaped glass vial from his pocket and held it up in the dim moonlight. Its contents were as black as the shadows. He pulled out the stopper and tipped the vial over each of the beehives. Black clouds swirled over the hives. The pall of darkness blanketed the beehives and slowly dissolved.

The humming of the bees lulled.


"Voco vinco volo," whispered the man and woman together.

As the lazy days of summer creep up on young cousins Wil and Sophie, the mysteries of the ancient Serpent's Chain seem to pile up. Who is the mysterious bee inspector? What is the apiponis destructor? Amidst the secrets of a long-forgotten magical sect, there is also the added stress of money troubles, a disappearing pet snake, a new family moving in to an abandoned house down the street from Wil and Sophie and bee-keeping with a mage from the school. With magical mysteries, spells, and a storyline with many different subplots, I expected the sequel to The Serpent's Spell to be just as good as the previous one.

It wasn't.

Don't get me wrong though, Amber Ambrosia was still a pretty good book. I had a bit of trouble getting into and finishing it, but for the most part it's fairly entertaining. The parts at the Dragonfly Festival and when Wil and

Sophie accidentally turn themselves into bees were the highlights of the book, except the constant capitalization of every noun from the bees' point of view was a little annoying. It was definitely not as exciting as the first book in the series but the good thing about a series of books is that the author has more opportunities to make a good story.

I give Amber Ambrosia a disappointing three stars, but perhaps the third book in the series will make up for it.


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