Sarah's Stars

Rae Bridgman. Amber Ambrosia
Great Plains $14.95  ISBN 978-1-894283-73-1  171 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 14

Amber Ambrosia, Rae Bridgmanís second book in this series, is filled with magic. The cousins, Sophie and Wil, are embroiled in another adventure with the Serpentís Chain, an ancient magic gang, whose medallion Wil received from his grandmother. The cousins live in MiddleGate, a city within a city, hidden by magic; where the bees are mysteriously dying.  Itís up to the cousins to discover the trouble. But then Sophie and Wil disappear and the plot thickens.

With its adventure and action, Amber Ambrosia is a story that holds your attention. I liked the storyline and the troubles Sophie and Wil find themselves in. The middle and how the cousins solve the mystery was quite a surprise. The magykal honey was a cool twist, as were its results.

I enjoyed reading Amber Ambrosia and give it four stars.


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