Big Dreams
Caleb, Age 12, Logan, OH

One day a boy named Ken was thinking about Saturday. It was no ordinary Saturday; this Saturday was his 16th birthday. He was always saying that he needed a new car so he and his friends could hang out more often. The car that he always thought about was a brand new Dodge Viper, black with red racing stripes.

Friday morning rolled along and Ken was so exited he could not concentrate in school. That night he overheard his parents saying, I know thats the car he wants, but we just dont have the money. When he went to bed he was hoping that they would buy him the Viper. He was thinking about it so much he didnt get one wink of sleep that night.
The next morning his mom woke him up. He got dressed, ran downstairs and found his family. He opened all his presents, and he thanked his family. His dad came up to him and led him outside.

When he got outside he found an old, silver Toyota Camry that was parked in the driveway. Ken hung his head then looked at his dad who looked very upset. His dad said, I know its not the car you wanted, but its all we could afford. Ken replied, Its all right, and gave his dad the biggest hug hed ever given. Ken thanked his parents, then his dad said, come on lets go eat some cake.

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