My 12th Birthday
Marissa, Age 12, Easton, CT

“Ahh,” I yawned as I rolled out of bed remembering that today is my birthday. I went down the long stair case and entered my kitchen when my mom said, “Happy Birthday!” Since it was a special occasion, my mom made a large breakfast consisting of pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

“Happy Birthday,” my friends shouted as they escorted me to my locker. When I approached my locker I could see the colorful wrapping paper taped on the outside of the locker that two of my best friends decorated for me. There was also a bunch of candy and pictures of cute pandas and one of Taylor Swift, my favorite singer. When I opened my locker I was thrilled to see all the candy and birthday cards my friends made me. At gym everyone sang happy birthday to me and I felt like the most important person that day.

When I arrived home, I could smell the delicious chocolate fudge cake my mom hade made me when I was at school. I immediately did the little homework I had and got it done and over with. Then, I watched CMT on TV and went on the computer and checked all the birthday emails I received. I also got endless phone calls from my relatives who wanted to wish me the best birthday. I also got a phone call from my best friend AnneMarie who lives in Monroe and is two years older than me. We talked for a long time about boys, school, music and any other topic that interested us.

Before all the guest came to celebrate my birthday my mom and I were sitting on the tan colored coaches in the family room watching TV. We were watching the Ellen DeGengers show. Ellen had a special guest that day, Taylor Swift and they were talking about Taylor’s self titled album and how they were selling fast. My mom had told me ahead of time that she couldn’t get me that c.d. I wanted because they were all sold out. I really wanted Taylor Swift’s album and I got really disappointed and started to think that my birthday was ruined.

All my family came and we were all having such a great time that I forgot all about the sad news my mom told me. Then it was cake and present time. My mom brought out a bunch of wrapped boxes, but not a small square box that could be my c.d. I crossed my arms over my chest in disappointment. My mom handed me the first box, a bunch of clothes from my favorite stores. I didn’t act excited but in my mind I couldn’t wait to wear them the next day.

“Next,” I mumbled as my mom handed me the next box. It was a portable DVD player, I smiled in excitement. The last box was larger than the rest of them. Hopelessly, I slowly unwrapped the shiny blue paper and opened the box. A brown fuzzy north face jacket was staring up at me. “Yes,” I shouted with glee. I was glad I got it because I was so tired of the way my younger sister showed off her baby blue colored north face. I was pleased to see the jacket and sad not to see my c.d. I guess my mom was right, they were all sold out. I then lifted up my new jacket to take a picture and saw a blue c.d. case.

“OH MY GOD,” I screamed as I dropped the jacket and lifted up the c.d. I had the biggest smile on my face and was more excited for the c.d. then the north face. It was the best gift I got that year.

“Thank you mom and dad and thank you every one for coming,” I sad as I took of the plastic cover on the c.d. For the rest of the night, I listened to my new and favorite c.d. and realized that my birthday was no were close to being wrecked.

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