The Coaster Chase
Daisey, Age 11, Calgary, AB

Once upon a fairy tale, and this is one, there lived a four year old little boy named Philip who had an eleven year old sister named Daisey, and this is her story. Daisey is just a typical eleven year old who lives with a little brother and isn’t very special. And she just appears to be me. Yes, this is my story, a story about a girl and her little brother… and a roller coaster, one you can never forget. And this is how it all started…

A trip to an amusement park can be a great risk, especially when a big-mouthed, big-teethed, big-headed dumb rabies dog is chasing you around, trying to blast your little brother open and eat his bones. Well, Philip and I didn’t suspect anything, because he was in disguise. We strolled around the park, eating, playing arcade games, and going on rides. Then we faced our biggest fear yet, and it was standing right in front of all of us. The Monster Coaster. “Wow,” said Philip. “That is one high coaster.”

“Yeah, let’s go somewhere else” I said. “Somewhere with NO enormous coaster.” We decided never to go on it, EVER. So we walked away, seeing that no one would make us go on it for $20 000. Well, I would probably go on if that rabies dog grabbed Philip and tied him to the top of the coaster with a time bomb. Unfortunately, that was exactly what happened.

Philip and I were riding the merry-go-round (because he wanted to) when we saw a strange looking dog in the crowd. “Look,” said Philip. “A rabies dog.”

“Ummm…yeah. He looks mean. Wouldn’t want to get infected.” We decided that when the ride stopped, we would NOT go and pet him. We got off the ride and he started to chase us. “He’s going to get us!” Philip shrieked. “Oh no!” We ran and ran and jumped onto a passing hyper speed train. The train roared and flew to the other side of the park, with us clinging onto the side of it. As we jumped of the train when it stopped and immediately noticed that the dog had taken a shortcut to the other side of the park and had beaten us there. We snuck off from the side of the train and jumped onto a Bumper Water Gun Boat. The dog approached us and barked like mad. We just squirted him in the face. That made him furious! “Grrrrrrr,” he growled.

“He looks real mad!” Philip squealed.

“And you look real scared. Let’s scram,” I said. We jumped off the boat and wondered what would happen if he did catch us. We found out in a minute. That dumb dog snuck up at us and grabbed my little brother! I froze stiff and started panicking. “Oh no, oh no, oh no! What am I going to do to, like he’s my little brother and I was supposed to take care of him the whole time I was here! Well, it’s not really my fault because who knew that there was a rabies dog here? Yes, I won’t get grounded for life. Phew!” Okay, sorry for the whole “I’m not caring for my little brother, I’m too selfish” thing. Ummm…back to the story.

The dog jumped onto the top of the roller coaster (wow) and tied Philip onto the highest point with strong ropes. When he put a time bomb next to him and jumped back down, cackling, I knew I had to do something. I looked at the line of people watching the little boy tied up at the top of the coaster and thinking about how old he was. I did more than just that. I skated along the fence and jumped onto a passing car and rode to the top of the first hill. “Ahhhhhhhh!” I screamed as the car sped down the hill as fast as a speeding bullet. The second hill was right around the corner and it was even higher than the first! Okay, you know what? My lungs are feeling a bit hoarse from all the screaming in the story, so I am not going to scream anymore. Back to the story…

The car climbed the next hill and went down the next one as fast as a bobsled. And MAYBE I screamed. The third hill was the highest and that was the one Philip was on. The car clambered the hill slowly. “Faster, faster, faster!!” I thought impatiently. I groaned at the suspense. When the car FINALLY reached the top of the hill, I reached out my hands and grabbed Philip. Suddenly, the car went WHOOSH and went down the hill at the speed of light. Okay, maybe a bit slower than that. Well, anyway, it was so fast, the ropes snapped like rubber bands! Philip and I screamed the whole way back down. When we exited the ride, the manager frowned at Philip and said “How did you get on the ride? You are WAY too short.” We just laughed at him and went home.

Once upon a fairy tale, we all lived happily ever after.

The End

PS: I didn’t get grounded.

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