Getting Over My Fear
Carrie, Age 12, Easton, CT

It is my turn. My brothers already went. I have to do it, but I can’t.
How high up did they say we were? Three hundred and fifty meters? Is that a lot of feet? They probably said more, it just seems like we are so high. I know I shouldn’t, but I look down.

I quickly step back. That is definitely more than three hundred and fifty meters! It is probably a billion! I can’t do it.

“I-I-I’ll go last,” I tell my mom.

‘That’s fine, sweetie,” she answers in a soft calming voice. “Uncle Glenn will go.”

Uncle Glenn steps up to the edge. Some men who work there put a carabiner on Uncle Glenn’s harness. Without even a flinch, he is off, smiling the whole time. He doesn’t even hang on. I can’t believe it. He is not scared at all! I suddenly feel a little better.

“Who’s next?” calls one of the men. Should I go? I am in Costa Rica doing a super high zip line; I’ll never get to do this again.

“I am!” I shout, but after I do, I regret it. I can’t back out now. I look around. Everything is blurry. All the worst-case scenarios start racing through my head. What if the carabineer breaks and I fall? What if I get stuck half way through the zip line? I shake my head chasing off all the horrible thoughts. I step up. Everything seems to be going in slow motion. A man puts a carabiner on my harness. I check it just to make sure it is secure. I hesitate, but I know I have to do it. I gently slide off the edge.

“AHHHHHH!” I scream. My eyes locked shut. I hold on to the rope like it is a life or death situation. It sure does feel like one! I finally build up the courage and reluctantly open my eyes. I was not even half way through the zip line! “Well, I might as well have some fun with this,” I say to myself. Slowly I lift my left hand off the rope. Then my right, I look back. Everyone is cheering for me! I notice how much fun it is. When it is over, I unhook my carabiner and run over to my brothers and Uncle.

“I did it!” I cheer. “I did it!” I hug them so tight. I have gotten over my fear of heights. I did it!

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