Good Bye
Samantha, Age 12, Easton, CT

It was sunset. The sky was orange, pink, blue, and purple. All of the colors mixed together to make an interesting rainbow. But it didn’t make me smile like it should have. All that I could think of was if this was my last moment, this is the sight that I would want to see. I held a coarse card board box tightly to my chest cradling my pet, best friend and loved one.

Snowball was my pet rabbit and I had known him since I was five years old. Memories flashed through my mind as I looked into his dying pink eyes. They were gorgeous, one of a kind and gentile. “I love you,” I choked out wishing that he could respond or at least understand. But of course he just stared back into my eyes as if to say, “It’s ok.”

“Come on,” My dad whispered as he nudged at my shoulder. For a moment, I couldn’t move. My legs were glued to the ground. My heart sank even deeper than before, but I knew it had to be done. My feet were heavy and it was hard to walk. The box containing Snowball got heavier and heavier as with each dreadful step until we reached the door.

My eyes were red and puffy. The secretary kept glancing my way as my dad filled out the paper work. “Well, our policy is that you are not allowed to to come in while he is being-” she stopped, but knew that I understood. I regretfully nodded and handed my best friend to this beast of a woman. She walked away slowly, but sadly. I wanted to jump over the desk and run after her to carry and help Snowball to the very end. Instead of soft sad tears running down my face hard and angry ones rolled down my cheeks.

For a moment, I stood still. Not a muscle moved and I couldn’t breathe. But I was able to bring myself back from the living dead and sat down on the warped oak bench next to the window.

I couldn’t help but to constantly blink away the hot tears that stung my eyes. I watched the second hand on the clock ticking away at time like a monster, eating away at life. But eventually, something else caught my eye.

A young brown and silver great dane wobbled up to me. She licked my leg and looked up into my eyes. I couldn’t help but to glare back, drowning in in her mysterious golden eyes with silver and brown highlights. She just sat there as to say, “Cheer up!” Then she stood up onto her muscular long legs and started jumping around. She came back and wagged her tail. Soon after, I was petting her and all of the other dogs that came up to me. I felt like Doctor Doolittle. Although it was almost impossible, for a few minutes I was happy. And then she came back.

My weak teary smile disappeared and my eyes stung once again. In her arms was the box. She didn’t hold it with care or compassion. More so like it was a regular thing. I felt like slapping her across the face and yelling at her. I shot up off of the bench glaring into her eyes. I tip-toed over to her, trying not to disturb the poor, already missed dead.

She passed the box gently to me as to not drop the frozen body lying within. I peered inside hoping to see him wiggling his whiskers like he used to. I wanted to be told that he was Super Rabbit and only kryptonite could kill him. But no. There was a baby blue blanket with daisies the color of ghosts all over. It covered a motionless shape. My eyes swelled as I glared into the box.

We walked slowly to the car. The box got heavier and heavier with each step. The sky was now pitch black. The beautiful lights and colors were swallowed up with Snowball's soul.

For weeks I cried myself to sleep. I have learned and grown from that dreadful day. I know now that no matter how much you love someone or how precious something is, you cannot hold on forever. Also, I have learned that some wonderful moments can come at the wrong time. To this day, I have not seen a sunset so beautiful. I just wish that I could have smiled about it then.

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