Heroes of the Past
Jack, Age 13, New Straitsville, OH

Have you ever heard of Steve Van Buren? Probably not, right? Well, he was a Football Hall of Famer who rushed for 4.4 yards a carry and 69 touchdowns in just 8 years. But Reggie Bush... I know you've heard of him. He averages just over 3 yards a carry and has had just 2 touchdowns this year. Two running backs. Which do you think is better?

Want another example? How many of you have heard of Raymond Berry? Still probably no one. Well, he and Johnny Unitas shaped the passing game in football that you know today. Raymond did this by catching 631 passes for 9,275 yards and 68 touchdowns. He became a hall of famer just 5 years after retirement. Now, take Braylon Edwards. He was 2nd in dropped balls in 2007 and leads again in 2008. I know you've heard of him. Again, two wide outs. Which do you think is better?

At this time you may be wondering what my point is. What I am trying to say is people are putting too much value on the new players of today and overlooking the stars of the past. People are spending so much money on new players rookie cards that Beckett prices are over $3000 for some players. I think it is time to ask yourself what Reggie Bush (or other new players like him) have done for that kind of money when they haven't even yet had the opportunity to prove themselves? People just don't want older cards and overlook that these are the people who helped shape the game. Instead they want to buy a Reggie Bush rookie auto when they could have 10 Johnny Unitas rookie cards for the same price. That, I just don't understand.

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