Once Upon a Fairy Tale
Daisey, Age 11, Calgary, AB

Once upon a fairy tale, there were three little pigs named Firsty, Secondy, and Thirdy. They lived in a sweet little house with 97 other pigs. One day they decided to build a house of their own. They thought it would be a good idea to each build a house so they could be neighbours. So, off they went. While they were walking through the forest, they met a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood. She was bringing a basket of treats to her sick grandmother who lived in the woods.

“Watch out for the Big Bad Wolf!” she said. “He is very tricky and hungry these days.” They said okay and walked on. They didn’t know that the wolf had snuck up behind Little Red Riding Hood and stuffed her into a sack. As they walked, the wind began to blow. The pigs walked backward to avoid it. They bumped into a wall in the process. An egg named Humpty Dumpty was sitting on top of it. “Sorry!” they called up to him. “It’s okay!” he shouted back. “Beware of the Big Bad Wolf!” they warned as they walked away, not noticing that the wind had blown Humpty off the wall and into right into the wolf’s sack. The pigs walked on and came to a field where a hare and a tortoise were discussing a race.

“Hi!” they said. “Want to referee our race?” The pigs agreed and after watching for half an hour, the tortoise surprisingly won. “The tortoise wins!” declared the pigs. “We have to go now, beware of the Big Bad Wolf!” As the pigs walked on, the wolf, again stuffed both racers into his sack and watched as the pigs skipped off. As the pigs walked on. They saw a dark, smelly cabin. “The wolf”, they breathed. “We should build our houses on that hill, far away from the wolf”, said Thirdy. The others agreed and they started up the hill.

On the way up, they met a girl and a boy named Jack and Jill carrying a bucket of water. “Beware of the Big Bad Wolf!” they warned as they passed by. Jack and Jill slipped on a puddle and rolled to the bottom of the hill, where the wolf was ready with his sack. The pigs went to the top of the hill, and built their houses. Firsty built his house out of straw, Secondy built his house out of sticks, and Thirdy built his house out of bricks. The wolf was returning to his cabin with a HUGE bulging sack. The pigs saw him and gasped. “The wolf’s got our friends!” they cried. “We need a plan.”
“Why don’t we just knock on his door and say: Big Bad Wolf, Big Bad Wolf! Let us in!” said Firsty. “That never works”, said Thirdy. “Then we huff and puff and BLOW his cabin down”, said Secondy. “Impossible”, said Thirdy. “I have a plan.” An hour later, they were ready. Thirdy was dressed as an antique dealer and rapped on the wolf’s door. “Big Bad Wolf let me in!” he shouted.

“Hey that’s MY line.”

“Whatever, back to the story.”

The wolf opened the door and said, “Who are you?” Thirdy swung a sack of rocks over his back. “Hello! Would be interested in a golden stone I am selling?” The wolf’s eyes glimmered, thinking of all the riches. “A golden stone? Please, come in.” Thirdy followed the wolf into the cabin and placed his sack next to the wolf’s sack. Then he stalled the wolf. Secondy and Firsty quietly climbed down from the chimney and switched the two sacks around. Then they quickly climbed back up the chimney and into safety. Noticing that the sacks had been switched, Thirdy told the wolf that he was going to get the golden stone. He opened the wolf’s sack and winked at his friends. “Oh no!” he cried. “I must have dropped the golden stone outside somewhere. I am very sorry. I will return to you if I find it.” With that he grabbed the sack and rushed outside, meeting his brothers on the hill. Back in the cabin, the wolf peered into t he sack and roared with fury. “I’ve been tricked!” he shouted and rushed outside.. “You pesky pigs! Come back here!” The wolf dashed up the hill. Firsty dashed into the straw house. Secondy dashed into the stick house. Thirdy dashed into the brick house with the sack. The wolf banged on the straw house and Firsty did not let him in. So the wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house down. Then Firsty rushed into Secondy’s house and the same thing happened to him. So they both rushed into Thirdy’s brick house and locked the door. So the wolf huffed and puffed and huffed and puffed and nothing happened. After half an hour of huffing and puffing, the wolf gave up and slid down the chimney instead. It just so happened that the pigs and their friends got tired of waiting and decided to cook popcorn on the fire place. And the wolf slid down on it and got burned. He screamed and was blasted out of the chimney and the pigs and their friends all dance d happily. Once upon a fairy tale, they lived happily ever after.

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