Penguin Power
Benjamin & Mickey, Age 13, Great Neck, NY

It was a stormy night when it happened. They clearly knew he was… different. From the age of two nobody but his parents knew about his speciality… not even the kid himself! Then his parents were kidnapped and the wind blew the baby boy to a foster family. The wind made a mark on the baby boy: his left eye was green, while his right eye was rainbow… with no veins.


Raul Philitro is a thirteen-year-old boy who has never had any friends except for his cat Julio. This very foggy and misty Wednesday Raul just happened to wake up… to a deserted house. Everything and everyone except for him and his cat were gone. “This is weird,” exclaimed Raul to Julio. Julio purred and signaled him to follow. They went into the basement and suddenly Julio said, “I need your help!” Raul could not believe what he had just heard. “Did you just say something?” murmured Raul.

“Yes I did,” said Julio. “The time has come for me to take my true form.” Suddenly, the room started shaking and there was a giant flash of light. Julio turned into a human and the basement wall opened up. Suddenly the entrance of a small room and a bunch of buttons was revealed and the “new” Julio walked into the room.

“Wait one second!” yelled Raul. “What is happening? Where are my parents?”

“Your parents are in another state, visiting relatives. But quickly, there isn’t much time!” Raul followed Julio into the room. “What is this place?” asked Raul. “It is a High-Dimensional Vortex that will transport us into the magical world, in to the town called Silobrenotina, which is located in the city called Padres Del Fuego.
“Padres del what?” asks Raul.

“Padres del FUEGO! The magical headquarters that has no gravity. There, we shall meet The GRAND PUBAAH!!!!!!!” said Julio.

“What does that button do?” asked Raul.

“That is the ‘think it’ button,” said Julio. “You think of a place and then when you press the button it takes you there.”

“Can I try?” screamed Raul eagerly.

“Okay” replied Julio. “WAIT THAT’S THE WRONG BUTTON!!!” exclaimed Julio. Suddenly the room started spinning. On and on it went, like a rodeo motorboat. The lights started flashing and then everything went pitch black. All they heard was screaming and freakishly evil laughs. After a minute the laughs stopped. Raul and Julio heard footsteps coming towards the door.

“Who intrudes in to my palace??!?” exclaimed the stranger. “I know you are behind that door.” Suddenly, the door opened. “It can’t be!” said the person. “Raul Philitro??? Is that you?”

“Daddy?” said Raul. “NO FOOL! I AM THE ONE WHO CAPTURED YOUR PARENTS!! I AM… SYLVESTER J. FESTER!!” shouted Sylvester in a freakishly high voice.

“What are you talking about?” Said Raul. “My parents are visiting relatives. “How naïve you are!” yelled Sylvester. “Those non magic folk aren’t your parents!”

“Run!!!” yelled Julio. All of a sudden, they were running as fast as they could.

“You cannot out run me!!” said Mr. Fester. Raul was panicking, for they were about to die. Raul wished with all his life that they were in the most safest place possible. Suddenly, Raul froze and floated in mid air. He started spinning and his right eye was flashing. Then, there was a “POP” and Raul and Julio crashed out of nowhere and jolted in the air. They were floating like there wasn’t any gravity. Raul wasn’t moving. Julio realized that they were in Padres del Fuego in front of the Grand Pubaah.

“Help!! Help!! He is unconscious” exclaimed Julio.

The Grand Pubaah raised his right arm and said “Levitous Constructous” and Raul jumped up not realizing what had happened. “Where are we? What happened?”

“You just teleported yourself and Julio to me. I am the Grand Pubaah, the Magical master of the universe and more. And by more I mean everything else. I even have a bobble head and action figure of myself!” “Hmm…” says Raul with nothing else to say.

“Back to the point!” Says the Grand Pubaah. “I am here to teach you how to do magic. I know much more about you and your past than you do. “I know for example, that your parents were kidnapped by the evil wizard Sylvester J. Fester. The people you know today, as your parents aren’t actually your parents. Right before they were kidnapped, they cast a spell which brought you to your foster parents.”

“Oh my gosh! Sylvester was right!” exclaimed Raul. “Hold on a sec, are you telling me that you saw Sylvester??!?” said the Grand Pubaah. “Yes, all mighty one!” explained Julio. “ You see, Raul pressed the wrong button in the vortex and we landed in his palace. He was trying to attack us when… when Raul transported us here.” You know what this means don’t you?” screamed the Grand Pubaah “We have to take immediate action! Sylvester J. Fester is out of hiding, which must mean that he is up to something big.”

“Sir?” asked Julio “Yes?” “When we where at his palace, we heard him laughing but at the same time, somebody was screaming.”

“Let me hear it” and then the Grand Pubaah said “Octivous Listenolus” and then they heard the laughing and screaming again. “I cannot believe it!” said the Grand Pubaah

“He kidnapped the Grandest Pubaah! The entire world is in danger!!”

Raul gasped for air. “You are the only one who could defeat Sylvester, for he did something in the process in kidnapping your parents. He became very weak… at least to you. You are the only one who can defeat him. I need to train you so that you can defeat him” said the Grand Pubaah

“Wait just a darn minute!” said Raul. “What are you talking about?? Training me, destroying the world? What is this all supposed to mean?”

“You still don’t get it do you?” asked the Grand Pubaah. “You are a wizard!” “Your parents are wizards, your cat is an undercover wizard who has been protecting you!!

You are in the wizarding world!!!!!” yelled the Grand Pubaah. “Welcome!”

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