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Chris Humphreys. Possession
Knopf  $20.99  ISBN 978-0-375-83294-9  384 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 14

She leapt. Matthew had not felt her hands at his chest in the cellar, but he felt them now as they slid round him. He staggered back...and for one single, endless moment, she thought that his great strength might keep him on the dock. But then she remembered that he was as exhausted as she was, and she felt him fall. Holding tight, she fell too.

Water closed over her again. Words came, the ones she'd spoken when he told her that they were going to "swim" here.

"I cannot swim," she'd said. She had never learned the way of it.

But then, of course, neither had he.

Picking up right where the last book left off, we meet once again with Sky, in hawk form, still trying desperately to return to his real body after Sigurd devised a cunning plan to have the unconscious boy found and taken to the hospital. How might a hawk manage to find its way into the inner reaches of a crowded building? Enter Sky's cousin Kristen, back from her absence in the previous novel in the Runestone Saga, Vendetta. After safely returning Hawk-Sky to Boy-Sky, the main conflict unfolds. How exactly are Kristen and Sky supposed to stop their evil, dead-but-not-really-dead-because-he's-possessing-other-people's-bodies grandfather from taking over the world by forming a new cult (Plan A) or going back in time to live as Henri de Barfleur, a French soldier during the Battle of Hastings (Plan B)? Altering the course of history is never an easy task when Sky and Kristen are around to foil Sigurd's plans, but when the old man appeals to Sky's inner desires, the two cousins just might get tricked into it. As the final battle between Sky and Sigurd quickly turns into a life-and-death match that might bring upon the apocalypse, one final cast of the runes will determine the fate of Sky, Kristen and Sigurd, as well as the entire universe.

Well, first off, I must say that Possession is a stupendously large improvement from the disappointing Vendetta. The return of Kristen greatly aided the readability of the novel and the increase in action scenes held me tight in the novel's grip. The final throw of the runes becomes a race to the death throes in the last pages. The satisfying conclusion to an original series remains comfortably open-ended if Mr. Humphreys decides to ever return to his world of ancient mythology and history, while still keeping us happy, should he decide not to. Possession is essentially, a very smart book. The twists from Sigurd are completely unexpected and the lengths the author has gone to ensure that the wealth of information within the pages of the book is completely accurate are incredibly impressive. Possession is a fast-paced conclusion to the adventures of Sky and Kristen that will leave you relieved that the fate of the world is not doomed and also a little bit sad that it's over. However, fingers crossed that Chris Humphreys will in fact decide to continue the Runestone Saga in the future. I give Chris Humphrey's Possession four out of five stars.


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