I Am a Soccer Ball
Jin Hong, Age 11, Warsaw, Poland

I am... an old soccer ball
I am Old and Dirty
I wonder how many days Iíve been in the corner of the sport basket
I hear myself laughing with my owner
I see me at the World Cup stadium with all the famous soccer players
I want to play
I am Old and Dirty

I pretend Iím the best ball in the world
I feel sad when kids cares about new soccer balls but not me
I touch the most famous soccer playerís hand
I worry what will happen to me if I get thrown to the garbage can
I cry when the new soccer balls teases me
I am Old and Dirty

I understand why my owner doesn't likes me
I say maybe someday I will be a shining, bouncy and strong soccer ball
I dream of the day I will play
I try to be a better soccer ball than yesterday
I hope Iím not the worst soccer ball in the whole entire world
I am Old and Dirty

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