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Linda Granfield. The Unknown Soldier
North Winds $19.99  ISBN 978-0-439-93558-6  38 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 14

The Unknown Soldier
To-day - we laid our boy to rest;
He sleeps in honor with the best
In Arlington, where heroes come
With silence – to their final tomb

We gave him medals, tears, and flowers,
To shew the world, that he was ours
Kin, flesh and blood, and sinew too;
MY COUNTRY – hush he died for you.

With eye of faith, we pierce the gloom
And scale the heights, beyond the tomb;
The Better Land, Our Saviour’s home;
Our boy is safe, his NAME IS KNOWN.

Soldiers from the world wars who were buried without a name or whose name had been worn away had their graves marked by a stone saying, A soldier of the Great War-Known To God. These unknown and unnamed soldiers are now held in honour by many nations. In 2000, Canada brought home one of their unknown soldiers of Vimy Ridge, a battle that the Canadians alone could win, with a terrible price. Over 3000 soldiers were killed, thousands more wounded. The casket of one of the unknown soldiers is placed in the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill. 

Canada was not alone in paying their respects to the unknown warriors.  In England, an unknown is buried with the kings of England.  L’Arc De Triomphe, in France honours all their soldiers and an unknown is buried beneath the arch.  The U.S., Italy, Belgium and many other countries mentioned in this book have graves marked as Known to God.

I really liked the information and descriptive photos used in The Unknown Soldier.  The book’s main theme was well carried throughout; although I felt that the author was unsure of what age group they were writing for. I feel that this is a book worth reading and is useful as a history guide. 

I give The Unknown Soldier four stars.


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