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Catherine Hapka. Something Borrowed
Simon Pulse  $7.99  ISBN 978-1-4169-5441-5  268 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 14

"This will only take a second," I said, plunging on before I lost my nerve. "I just need to talk to you about something. Actually, I need to ask you the hugest favor in the world."

"Okay." She leaned over and flipped open one of the suitcases, sticking the map inside. "What is it?"

I could tell she still wasn't paying full attention to me. But that changed with my next words: "Can I borrow Jason to take to the wedding?"

When Ava's sister decides to throw a huge wedding, she just assumes she'll go with her boyfriend Lance. But when he dumps her for another girl, Ava is desperate to find another date. She can't stand the humiliation of going alone, especially not in front of all the other couples, which consists of pretty much the entire town. Firsts she asks Tommy, her co-worker but he already has a date. Then Brad from school. Then her old neighbor Neil. Then Mario, a guy she had a casual fling with. Then Vic, her friend's brother. Soon the numbers and boys start piling up, and Ava still can't find anyone to go with. The cute new guy, Zoom? Nope, he has an extreme sports accident. The rebellious frontman of a local band, Oliver? Oops, too bad! He's got a gig in New York. Finally in an extreme act of desperation Ava asks her best friend if she could take her boyfriend Jason to the wedding. Jason and Ava don't really click, but hey, it's better than going stag, right? But as the wedding gets closer and closer, Ava realizes that Jason isn't so bad. In fact, she might just be falling in love with him. Too bad he's still in a relationship with her best friend! So what's a girl to do? Ava can't possibly steal her best friend's boyfriend. Is Ava doomed to end up with a broken heart again?

Yet another installment in the popular Romantic Comedies series delivers exactly what casual readers want: a fairly straightforward plot, a charming guy and a sassy heroine. Ava and Jason aren't exactly a match made in heaven and the road they have to take to get together isn't exactly all that difficult to tread, but for the bored teenager, Something Borrowed is sure to entertain and delight. Silly romances don't really make good book report material, but if you find yourself with nothing to do on a Friday night, a bubble bath, some ice cream and a copy of this book will most likely be just as fun as a night at the movies or a party. But guys, be warned: this is the literary equivalent to a chick flick. Girls, whether you're nursing a broken heart, a wounded ego or you simply just want to read a book that will tug gently on your heartstrings and put a silly grin on your face, Something Borrowed is a great choice for reading material. You’ll all wish you had a guy like Jason.

I give Catherine Hapka's Something Borrowed three out of five stars.


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