Sarah's Stars

Sarah Mlynowski. Spells and Sleeping Bags
Delacorte Press $10.99 ISBN 978-0-385-73388-5  293 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 14

I cannot let him see me this morning. With my porcupine hair and killer breath, forget it. I follow Alison up the stairs and then have a brainstorm. Hello? Why do I keep forgetting I'm a witch? I can just zap up something that will help.

And then I notice the basket of cutlery in the center of our table. Or what used to be a basket of cutlery. It is now a basket of multicolored toothbrushes.


Ah! Finally, finally, finally Rachel, the heroine of Bras and Broomsticks, Frogs and French Kisses and the newest book in the series, Spells and Sleeping Bags, is a witch! A bona fide magic-maker; too bad her powers are still a bit wild. When Rachel gets a little too emotional things can get somewhat crazy. Lights that magically turn on and off, items that start to levitate off the ground and whenever her almost-boyfriend leans in for a smooch things go haywire.

Spells and Sleeping Bags is another wickedly entertaining adventure featuring Rachel and Miri. Yes, the hook for Bras and Broomsticks was that Miri was a witch, and not Rachel, but once we got to know the two sisters, it was definitely time for older sis Rachel to get some powers of her own. And readers looking for mishaps won't be disappointed! Rachel's silly spells don't always go as planned. When she tries to make a spell that will make her clothes look like they do at the Gap, they're not only folded into crisp, flawless squares, but they're also actually clothes from the Gap, as in men's boxers and large-sized hoodies and discount denim. Oops!

The book is funny and absorbing right from the first page and younger readers can indulge in the relatively clean story as well. Sarah Mlynowski does a wonderful job of blending embarrassing, relatable situations all teens face with the unique twist of having the powers of a witch. It's a fun formula that kept me reading (and reading...and reading). Spells and Sleeping Bags is cute and hilarious and sure to please longtime readers as well as new fans.

I give Sarah Mlynowski's Spells and Sleeping Bags four out of five stars.


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