Water Fun
Aine, Age 12, Easton, CT

Standing in line at a water park is no fun at all. Even waiting in line with my friends is no fun, watching as dry people start the ride and come back soaked through and through. I really didnít want to do this, but I got forced into it because I didnít want to wait alone. We talked and watched people circulate through the water fun course. As people hit the last biggest and fastest drop, they screamed and laughed at each other. We waited as patiently as we could and slowly worked our way through the line, until it was our turn.

ďDo I really have to do this?Ē I asked slowly, reluctant to get in the yellow tube before me. My hands were shaking and I wasnít really ready to do this.

ďOf course you do!Ē replied Paige, jumping into the tube and finding the driest seat, which was hard because in the afternoon like this, wet people had been on this tube all day long. The black and plastic seats were filled with murky water at the bottoms. I sat down slowly, avoiding the water as much as I would avoid poison. The ride attendant buckled us in with a black seat belt over my pink swim suit top and tan shorts. With one big push, we were off to head up to the ramp to the top of the track.
I began to feel a tight knot in my stomach. Breathe in, breathe out, I kept telling myself.

ďHere comes the first fall!Ē called Paige with a wide grin on her face, right as we hit the falls. No, I want to get off this! Water seeped into our tube like birds to their prey. Water splashed down my back. It felt as cold as an ice cube, shoved down my back. Having the water being this cold surprised me. By the time I recovered from this, more water was filling inside the tube. All clothes by now were dripping wet. We laughed at each otherís shocked faces with each new fall. You know this isnít so bad just cold.

My hands started to shake; up ahead was the biggest and fastest falls yet. The slow moving water from before was not any where to be seen but behind us. The speed of the water and our little yellow tube kept going faster and faster. I clung tightly to my wet seat belt and the closest handle bars. This drop was more than it looked. From the line we had watched unsuspecting people come over this edge harder than they thought they would. Right now I was lined up with my back to the falls, which meant I would get the most of it. Suddenly the tube changed course a little and I wasnít front and center any more. Thank goodness the course changed, i would hate to get that much water aimed at me.

The fall came and Jordan got the most of the water. I only got a little more wet which I didnít know was possible. We laughed so much at Jordanís shocked expression as the water hit her.

As we got off the ride, I realized that in the end I actually ended up enjoying my self, no matter how much I didnít want to do it before. And that the water there tasted disgusting!

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