Into the Wild
Andy, Age 11, Ridgewood, NJ

When I was about twenty years old, I loved to travel the world with my jet. I traveled with my partner, Joe, to any country we could find. We took pictures and wrote about famous places.

“Where are we going now?” Joe asked me.

“We are going to Brazil. We will find many interesting plants and animals in the Amazon River,” I replied.

“You know that this journey can be dangerous, Ryan,” Joe said.

“We have to take risks to get better results,” I answered back.

“Whatever you say,” Joe muttered.

We flew on until we saw a gigantic river below us. There were trees surrounding it, and the jungle was everywhere!

“Isn’t the Amazon River, the biggest river in the world?” Joe asked me.

“You are right. The Amazon River is the biggest river. It is about seven million km wide. And it is 4,000 miles long or 6,437km,” I replied as I lowered the plane.

“Wow, that’s a long river for sure!” Joe cried as we glided down on the river. Our plane could land on both land and water, so we landed our plane in the river and tied it with a rope to not let it drift on its own.

“Here, I’ll tie the ropes on the plane. Start searching for the animals,” Joe said as he tied the ropes on the plane.

I got off and started to cut the vines. Some vines had water in them, so I saved them in my water bottle. I was going deep into the jungle when I heard the rumble of the plane. I turned back and dashed to the river.

When I reached the bank, I could see that the plane was flying away. Joe was standing upside-down on the seat.

“What the...?” I asked myself as I looked around to see what had just happened. I could see two leather sacks, and screws rolling on the ground.

I noticed that Joe was fixing the plane when it shot up the sky.

“Poor Joe, now he has to fly upside down until it stops,” I sighed. “Let me see what I can do with the supplies.”

I gathered the sacks lying on the ground. I found clothes, food, ropes, dagger, screws, pistol, and a signal gun.

“I’ll live on this until someone finds me,” I sighed. When I looked at the sky, I saw that it was evening.

“I’ll have to sleep here for now,” I said as I spread some clothes and began to sleep.

When I woke up, I looked at the river. I saw fish swimming and pebbles rolling by. I jumped into the water and froze.

“Maybe I can fish when I need food,” I chattered as I got out and dried myself off.
I went in the jungle with my pistol in case there was a jaguar. I was cutting the vines and looking for a place to stay, when I saw a small house standing on tree branches.

“The tree beside it will help me get up only if I had a hole in them,” I muttered. “Well, let’s see if I can cut some holes,” I said as I cut the tree. Then I carved it out so my foot can go in it.

“That will work,” I said to myself as I climbed the tree. I jumped up on the “tree” house to see if it was sturdy. Sure enough, it was.

I ran back to the river and gathered my stuff, but there was a dog sniffing the supplies. It sniffed the air and noticed me. It turned around and ran to me.

“Whoa, boy! Where did you come from?” I laughed as it knocked me down.

It started barking and started following me. It followed me to the tree house where I put all of my supplies. It whimpered and lay down as I came down.

“Here, I will lift you up. Stay calm,” I told the dog as I hoisted him up to the house. He jumped from my grasp and leaped in the air. It landed on the house, and with its front paws it scrambled up.

“You are a one smart boy,” I said as I came up and pat it.

I spent six weeks living in the jungle. I now called the dog, Joe as my friend. Every day, we would search around the jungle for something to hunt while we put our fishing net on the small river near the Amazon River. It was narrow enough for Joe to cross it, so I tied some clothes to each other and made a kind of blanket. Then I made a small hole in the center, so only one fish could go through at a time. We would hunt in the jungle with my spear, which was my dagger tied to a long pole that I had found lying on the ground one day. We would then collect our food and return to our house.

One day, when I was lying down on the Amazon River bank, a helicopter was up in the sky. I ran back to my house and grabbed the signal gun. I jumped from my house and landed on the ground. I yelled as loudly as I could as I shot the signals up in the sky.
The helicopter noticed the signal and came down to the Amazon River. A person got out of the helicopter and looked at me and Joe. Then he called with his phone and in a few minutes, red and white helicopters came down and started asking where I came from. I told them everything that had happened, and then they hoisted me up.

It has been two months since I became rescued. Now I am writing about what it was like living in the jungle near the Amazon River. Joe is living with me in a better house, but I couldn’t still find my person-friend, Joe. If you find him, would you please tell me? Thank you!

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