Our World
Prarthana, Age 8, Cary, NC

The sparkling leaves,
the glittering grass
With magical heaves,
I admire a great mass

Of our world,
a sight to behold!
With shining swirls
of clay and mold.

The sand all clashes
together with the sea.
It is prettier than a thousand lashes
of gold, just to me.

The ants all march,
together in a line.
As their backs all arch,
I wish they could be mine!

Snow comes falling down,
like glittering stars.
They are more entertaining than a clown,
and much prettier than Mars.

Animals run,
from here to there.
Guided by the shining sun,
they can go anywhere.

Our world is beautiful,
and we all admire it!
When everything is peaceful,
we love our world down to every bit!

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