Sarah's Stars

H.I. Larry. Zac Power: Mind Games
Scholastic  $5.99  ISBN 978-0-545-99916-8  91 pg.
Reviewed by Tyler, Age 13

Zac Power is a super spy who is sent on a mission to Bladesville, which is a large city, in order to track down some thugs who are trying to hack into the WorldEye.  The WorldEye is a large satellite that can see anything happening anywhere. Zac only has 24 hours to complete his mission.

I think this is a great book because the author knows how to write great cliffhangers at the end of each chapter.  Another reason is because the plot in the book isnít too hard to comprehend.  And my last reason is that the illustrations by Ash Oswald are perfectly accurate to what is happening in the story.

I give Mind Games 5 stars and recommend it for new chapter book readers ages 8 and up.


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