Sarah's Stars

Hazel Hutchins. After
Smith Bonapppétit & Son  $12.95  ISBN 978-1-897118-42-9  192 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 14

Why wasn’t it me, Amy? Why am I still here and Josh isn’t? It would have been better the other way around. Josh would have known what to hand to Dad. He would have known how to work a pitchfork.  He wouldn’t have been afraid of the horses. And when Mom feels so bad about all the firsts, the first day of school, the first visit to the mountains, the first bicycle, it’s always Josh she’s remembering.

You always remember the first time best.  I’m just Kate who came second.

Kate and Sam have never met, probably never will meet and wouldn’t know each other if they did, but the two are both recovering from the same terrible shooting.  Kate’s family is grief struck at the loss of her brother; Sam’s brother was the shooter.  Sam is trying to recreate his life without the reputation as the brother of a crazy killer.  Both must rebuild their lives from scratch.  However, they may find friends in unexpected places.

Spoonful Fiction novels are about real life things and social injustices and prejudices that exist in our ‘free’ society. I really liked the way this series (and book) addresses some of the inequalities that don’t normally stand out to us.  The thing that really stood out for me was that everyone didn’t even notice the way these people were treated because it seemed normal to them.  I enjoyed After and will be looking out for more Spoonful Fiction novels. After is recommended for ages 13 and up. The second title in the YA Spoonful Fiction series, More than Bread, is also available.

After is a four star read!


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