Sarah's Stars

Eric Walters. Alexandria of Africa
Doubleday Canada  $14.95  ISBN 978-0-385-66639-8  200 pg.
Reviewed by Tianna, Age 12

"Did you say something?"
"NothingÖnothing at all. How long before I can take a bath?"
"Three weeks. We donít have any bathtubs at the centre. Just showers."
I hated showers. They were soÖgym class. "A shower it will have to be."
"Either that or stay dirty, your choice."

I had just met this person but I was certain that I didnít like her. I was a very good judge of people and I could size them up almost instantly. She was not the type of person that Iíd even
consider having as a friend. For starters, I could hardly imagine being friends with anybody who wore socks and sandals together!

The main characters are Alexandria, and her friend Ruth, who is her example throughout this book. After getting in trouble with the law, Alexandria, little-Miss-Rich-girl who is used to getting everything she wants, must choose between prison where she canít look in the mirror every two seconds or working for charity in Africa for three weeks and live without any electrical appliances. Alexandria is off to Africa!!! Looks like she canít buy herself out of this one. But will she be able to stand life without electrical appliances, limited hot water and people who donít have the latest designer clothes? You have to read the book to find out!

This was a good book with some good laughs. I liked this book for its humour and creative writing. I recommend this book for ages 11 to sixteen for its new and big vocabulary. And I recommend it to people who would like to learn to be a girly girl Alexandria-style.

I give Alexandria of Africa 4 glamorous stars!


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