The Alien War vs. U.S.A.
Ricaardo, Age 13, Dos Palos, CA

It was a dark night on November 13, 1972. A man was sitting down by a bus bar. He was just sitting there. His name was Mr. Isaac. He was a big, old, tall and dark haired man. Mr. Isaac was a detective specializing in outer space. He was curious about the things that go on in the world and beyond. On November 14, 1972 there was a message in the radios of the U.S.A radios. The radios were just beeping very annoying.

After two hours the beeping just stopped. Mr. Isaac was curious about the beeping. He went to his house and he went inside and turned on the TV and the singing was going crazy. Mr. Isaac didnít know what to do so he went to his lab to see what was going on. He had found a message in one of the satellites. He was amazed at what he was hearing, it was so incredible.

On November 15, 1972 the president of the U.S.A wanted to see Mr. Isaac.

After three hours they declared war on the aliens.

One of the spaces ship was just hovering above New York.

The other one was just hovering above D.C and then the two big spaced ships opened up a let out a lot of weapons.

On November 18, 1972 at 3:38 we defeated the aliens. We never found out what the president and Mr. Isaac were talking about or what was going on. Was it something from outer space? They didnít know what was going to happen. Then the TV signal got stronger and while Mr. Isaac was looking at the message, he found out that a space ship was hovering in outer space.

The president of the U.S.A declared war on the space ship. So the space ship opened the two big long doors and let out the two big space ships. The president and the FBI were underground. Everyone in the U.S.A was going to see the aliens now.

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