Appearances vs. Reality
Camiya, Age 15, Oak Park, IL

Readers of this novel all know that the creature in Frankenstein appears as this huge, scary, hideous monster. This is basically how all the characters in the book see him as also. At first we didn’t give the creature a chance to explain how he really is but, then we kept reading and found out that he is not all that bad. We did this but many people in the book did not. They just saw him as this big ugly monster and automatically judged him as being mean and dangerous but on the inside he is not really like that. He is just a creature out in the world looking for a companion to be with. As he says in the book, “You must create a female for me with whom I can live in interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being” (124). By him saying this, it just shows that he wants someone to love. We, as readers and people, should not judge people on how they look. We should get to know them first then place our judgment upon them, but only if it necessary.

When the creature first opened his eyes, his creator, Frankenstein, ran away from him. To me that is just like a father or mother running away from a baby when it is born. That is just not right. I cannot imagine how this must have made the creature feel. Because of this he had to grow up on his own and teach himself all the things he need to know to live his life. He states he learned many different things such as, “My eyes became accustomed to light and to perceive objects in their right form” (85). He had to be a smart creature because he taught himself things that parents usually teach their kids. Everyone judged him as being dangerous even the Delaceys, who only saw him for less than a minute and started attacking him.

The creature’s appearance effected how he became as a person on the inside. Yes, he was ugly on the outside but in the beginning of the book he wasn’t ugly on the inside. He was a kind and caring creature who just wanted to have a friend. But since no one wanted to be his friend he figured that the only way he could get people to notice him was to be a mean nasty person but I don’t think that’s who he really wanted to be. When people start telling you lies over and over again you start to believe them and you act on them. The creature start doing ugly things like killing people and threatening people’s lives but on the inside I believe that that is not what he really wanted to do. He just had to act like this in order to get his point across. That was the only way people seem to listen to him. If people would have listened to him before they judged him then he wouldn’t have became so “monstrous”.

William was also not what he appeared to be. We didn’t hear much about him in the story but what we did hear does tell a lot about his personality. Everyone in the story saw him as this cute, adorable little boy that is harmless and nice to everyone. But in reality he wasn’t so nice. In one part of the story he says, “Ugly wretch! You wish to eat me and tear me to pieces. You are an ogre. Let me go or I will tell my papa” (122). These words are very unnecessary at the time. They were harsh and words of anger. There was really no reason for him to say these words to the monster. The monster was just trying to make him his friend. Even the monster thought that he was a beautiful, harmless child, but looks can be very deceiving.

Not judging a person on how they look is very important because you may judge them one way and they could turn out to be the exact opposite. William was perceived as a nice young boy but really was not. And for the monster, he was seen as a monster but at first he really wasn’t. But with the ugly reactions he got from people who just looked at him and saw that he was ugly made him an ugly person on the inside and the outside.

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