Masked Brother
Caitlin, Age 9, Belfast, Northern Ireland

The oars of the small rowing boat sliced cleanly into the water. My brother, Rudy, was sailing ahead. He tacked round into a cove. I followed, panting. Yes, it was natural that I had to bring the heaviest things in my collapsible rowing boat while he showed off.

I brought the oars back into the boat, and put up the sail. It was a hot summer day, and this was quite fiddly, so I began to sweat. Eventually, I got going again.
Soon I had begun to pull my boat up the pebbly beach. I put up a sign. It said Private! Trespassers will be fined. Yes, You guessed it, We had bought the land and cove.

I attached a rope to the stern of the boat and tied the end round a reasonably heavy rock, then threw it to the ground like an anchor.

"Rudy!" I called, "Rudy, where are you?" No, I wasn't worried about my little brother, he would come whenever he smelled the bacon I was cooking. Nevertheless I began to look for him. A few steps led up to a forest. There was rustling in the bushes. Rudy!

Suddenly, a branch swung towards me, and hit me full on in the face.

I went out stone cold.

Soon I woke up. Rudy was grinning in front of me. Ok, I always said my brother was ugly (My friends strongly disagree) But now he had hair sprouting from his face and a long, firm snout. I screamed.

He began to chant at me, gnashing his long, yellow teeth. They where highlighted in the moonlight. I must have been unconscious for long.

He chanted my name over and over, like a broken record:




But then, "Hey Sam, wake up!"

My eyes shot open. Rudy was holding an icepack on my head. It was throbbing dully.

"Sam! You were unconscious for ages!"

Whew. Rudy's not a werewolf then? Humph.

But! His face's distorting! Into a wolf again!

"Get Away from me you freak!" I cry.

"Just a mask," he mumbles.

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