Emo Kid
Kristina, Age 14, Owens Cross Roads, AL

Most people will never understand
the person; the thing I've become...
the little emo kid.

I am an emo kid
who cries herself to sleep at night,
after cutting my wrists.
No one gets why,
they will never understand it.

I'll try to explain
it but my feelings will never be understood.
My parents say "We're trying to help" then they tell me
"don't talk to us, we could care less what you do with your life."

I'm a little emo kid who tries to be loved
but when trying to make new friends,
or getting a boy friend
they just close the door in my face,
no one will ever listen to me.

I lie on my bed watching the blood run down my arms,
and my red tears dripping down my face.
I'm totally dead, no
I'm just being all I can be without dying.

People look at the kids who dress in black and cut themselves
and don't feel sympathy for us...
they are scared of us.
If they only knew how we felt
and wanted to help us.

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