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Andrea Spalding. Finders Keepers
Dundurn $11.99  ISBN 978 -1-5 2002-8387  143 pg.
Reviewed by Anastasia, Age 10

The main character is Danny Budzynski who finds a lance point.  Danny who cannot write or read has to do a report and has no idea how he's going to do it.

I read this book because I like the title Finders Keepers.  It reminded me of the rhyme finders keepers, losers weepers. I liked this book because the story takes place in Alberta, on a reserve near Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. I learned a lot of interesting things about Indian traditions, archaeology, and how rules are enforced in the saving of artefacts. I think all kids would like the book as it shows how different people can get along, how we can all respect our culture and sacred items, how we can save things from the past to help us all learn of our heritages and how children can also help preserve our past. This book is both exciting and informative. I think Finders Keepers would be suitable for ages 8-12.

I would rate Finders Keepers a 5 – that’s a WOW!


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