My Best Friend
Prarthana, Age 9, Cary, NC

There is a girl who is special to me.
She helps me in my every need.
She is kind, caring, and gentle.
I am lucky to have her lead!
My every happiness, guilt, or sorrow, she shares it with me.
I feel glad to have her here, and she also shares my glee.
Oh, what a friend! A friend who's loyalty is true.
She can guess every secret I'm hiding. It's enough to turn me blue!
A friend is better than any present, so on this Christmas eve,
I want to stay together, I wish she'd never leave!
She doesn't have my same look or picture,
We both are made of a different kind of mixture!
We have big fights,
and we argue for our rights.
We both have the same initials!
And no matter what, my best friend is always there for me.

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