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Lori Knutson. The Ghost of Northumberland Strait
Napoleon   $9.95  ISBN 978-1-894917-43-8   152 pg.
Reviewed by Anastasia,  Age 10

There beside me is a noticeable indent. It looks like something is sitting there, their weight pushing in the seat of the sofa. We both shoot up with something like an electric jolt.

The main character is thirteen-year-old Charly, who is one of the only people who can see Katherine O'Leary, the ghost of Northumberland Strait. When Charly becomes friends with Katherine, Charly discovers that if she's with someone else Katherine looks like a ghost and her house looks haunted.  But if she's by herself, Katherine looks like a normal human and her house looks brand new. After Charly becomes friends with Katherine, she decides to tell Katherine that she knows Katherine is a ghost. What will Katherine do?

I liked The Ghost of Northumberland Strait because it allowed me to form good pictures in my head because it was always so interesting. I always wanted to keep on reading because there was always a good part coming up, like when Charly found the note and she was about to read it or when Charly made her second trip to the O'Leary house to see if anyone lived there. Also I really liked the ending because there’s a bunch of exciting things you learn when Charly reads the note. This story takes place on Prince Edward Island.

Author Lori Knutson has worked as a beekeeper, an interpreter at an historical village, a United Church Lay preacher and a bookseller. She currently works as an elementary school teacher.

I would give The Ghost of Northumberland Strait a five star rating, and think it is suitable for elementary school readers.


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