Sarah's Stars

Robert Munsch. Just One Goal
Scholastic Canada  $6.99  ISBN 987-0-545-99035-6  32 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 14

"A rink! A rink! A rink!"  said Ciara to her father. "A rink on the river would be nice."

At first, no one agrees with Ciara, so she starts to make her own. In the next few days, her parents, her friends and all her neighbours came out to help and they built a rink on the river. But, no matter what they did, something would always prevent Ciara's team from winning. Ciara is determined to get her team to win and will go to extremes to make sure it happens.

Robert Munsch has written numerous children's classics over the years and here is another to add to the collection.  I really like the easy reading and humour in this story.  It is simple enough for little kids to understand, but also interesting and funny enough that parents won't get bored and think, "Not that one again!" after reading it once or twice. 

I give Just One Goal five stars and would suggest it for ages four and up.


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