A Very Good Day
Robert, Age 13, Easton, CT

I remember when I went to Boston in 2001. As I sit on the plane I hear “Please buckle your seat belts because it’s time to descend”.

As I get off the plane I see my dad’s best friend David and my best friend Ben waiting for us in a limousine. Once I pick up all my carry-ons I throw them in the trunk and curiously asked: “Where are we going?”

In reply David said “the Boston Celtics game.”

I said to myself it would be be awesome if we met Paul Pierce.

Next we drove close to the stadium, and we passed by the main entrance and I was thinking of saying 'Uh sir I think you missed the turn' but knowing that he drives every day that would not have been that smart. Once we got there we pulled in through the players’ parking lot.

When we first got into the locker room Doc Rivers, the Celtics coach, came up to us and said: “Hello my name is Doc Rivers and I’m the coach of the Boston Celtics”.

Next we met some players, next thing I know I’m at center court with Paul Pierce and the camera man says: “Say cheese”.

In addition to this outgoing event Paul Pierce held me up and I took a shot but I missed so he held me up again and I swooshed it, then he picks up my friend Ben and he missed it then he swooshed. After that we got to shoot around with the BOSTON CELTICS! Meanwhile my dad and Ben’s dad were watching us from courtside seats.

In addition to all that we finally go to our seats and you won't believe who we are sitting next to, we were sitting next to Jerry Seinfeld.

“We're hungry!" Ben and I say. “No problem," Ben’s dad says.

He calls over a waiter and we both order a hamburger with French fries. The game starts and 5 minutes in we get our hamburgers. When we are done eating we say “That was good”.

“Here is your starting lineup for your home team, the BOSTON CELTICS!”
The announcer shouts. The Celtics take lead over the Sixers going in to half time. The score is 57 to 48 Celtics. Next the ESPN sports analyst interviews Paul Pierce who had a game high point’s which is 40 points. Finally the game is over and the Celtics hold on to win 100 to 89.

When the game is over we go outside and the limousine picks us up from the Celtics game on the way home we were talking about meeting Paul pierce the whole time and how it was the best day of our lives.

Finally we get home and me and Ben go to his room and watch TV for 2 more hours and fall asleep in front of the TV and as I’m falling asleep.

I say "Wow that was really a good day”. And fall asleep dreaming about the game.

Lastly we go to the airport. We say goodbye to our friends and get on the plane, Were sitting first class so finally the plane takes off and I fall asleep when I wake up I’m in my bed in new York and I just can’t forget the greatest moment ever.

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