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Eric Zweig. Hockey Trivia For Kids 2
Scholastic Canada  $6.99  ISBN 978-0-545-99699-0  124 pg.
Reviewed by Anastasia, Age 10

Did you know four of the six Sutter brothers (Brian, Darryl, Duane and Brent) went on to become coaches in the NHL? In 1998-1999, Brian Sutter became the first player in NHL history to win 300 games as a coach after scoring 300 goals as a player. There are also many other interesting facts in this book, Hockey Trivia for Kids 2.

Eric Zweig wrote Hockey Trivia for Kids, which he really liked and thought he had done a pretty good job of it. Scholastic seemed to like it, and he heard from lots of his readers who liked it, too. So he got the chance to write a sequel. I think both books are suitable for anyone who likes hockey.

I liked Hockey Trivia For Kids 2 because it had lots of good, funny and interesting hockey stories. This book also had really funny pictures and some really cool real ones. Also I liked how Zweig put some things in charts, so it was really nice to read the information in a different way.

I give Hockey Trivia For Kids 2 a four-star rating. 


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