Banning Homework
Caitlin, Age 13, Easton, CT

Homework is one of the many things people research and try to gather how
it affects kids in a positive way or a negative way. The editor of Real Magazine
Sian Rees says,” The stress that’s being put on children is unbelievable.” This could be
one of the good ideas about getting rid of homework. We can even add some benefits for everyone. I strongly agree with Sian Rees that homework should be banned. One of my reasons for getting rid of homework is that it affects our sleep. It makes students too tired to participate in class the next day. Even parents agree. Sara Bennett is the mother of two. She wrote “The Case against Homework.” She was prompted to write this after comparing the amount of homework she used to get as a child and the work her children were bringing home every day. Her children hated homework. The latest Kid Health’s poll revealed what makes kids the most stressed in their everyday lives and the answer was homework.

Quality family time is also another reason we should ban homework. Students have to do assignments and be away from their parents and family time. Kids have so much homework they can’t even make it to dinner. This problem with the amount of homework can cause families to argue about homework and assignments. Financial burden becomes a problem when tutors are hired to assist with homework. Children involved in after school activities and sports have less time to complete their homework. I think sports, ballet or whatever activity you are interested in is an important part of your life too. You should not have to give these hobbies up just so you can rush home after school to do homework after you just spent the whole day at school. Research Susan Hallan agrees and says “What is not helpful is when students have to do so much homework that they have no time for other activities.”

We can stop this and make homework less overwhelming. Teachers might not
agree to banning homework completely. Teachers and students can compromise on this
issue. Homework twice a week would be a great compromise. Teachers would have
fewer papers to grade and have no distraction to keep them from their family. Or instead of homework student can join clubs and other social activities. That would bring less stress, too! Less papers to organize or worry about. I hope this changed your mind about homework and how different ideas can solve these problems of sleep deprivation, stress and financial worry.

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